NOTE:  production of the LP has been delayed to the end of January (best guess!) We will be printing a fifth color orange on the jacket exterior and interior which I anxiously await. You can order your copy HERE.
This project had a lot of twists and turns but one thing was certain: a cover collage by Jens Wortmann. Aimee had seen his work on Instagram and felt he captured the vibe of the album perfectly. You can see his work HERE.
This album started out as the basis for a Broadway musical of Susannah Kaysen's memoir "Girl, Interrupted." Things change, as they often do, and the record became an Aimee Mann record. We still wanted it to have a Broadway musical kind of feel so we kept the production credits on the cover.
The lyrics printed on the inner sleeve of the LP are designed to look like a theater script from 1968. They were re-written by Aimee, complete with added stage directions.
Conversion to compact disc.
Merchandise bundle with LP, tee shirt and flight bag.
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